About this Project

Disc Golf

In traditional golf, players attempt to hit a ball across a course and into a hole in as few strokes of their club as they can. Disc golf borrows this same basic structure, but substitutes balls and clubs for “Frisbee” discs.  Players tee-off from a designated area by throwing their disc in the direction of  a metal basket.  Scoring is similar to traditional golf: players attempt to get their discs into the basket in as few throws as they can.  Disc golf has become increasingly competitive, with a dedicated set of players who are very serious about their gear–especially their discs.

I have been playing disc golf for almost ten years.  Along the way I have developed an appreciation for the nuanced differences between the characteristics of various discs.  By cataloging the discs using a common metadata application profile, I hope to facilitate manufacturers, retailers, and players in finding the disc they need.

This website serves as the final assignment for IST 681: Metadata.  For more about me and other projects I’ve worked on, visit my website.